Postdoctoral position Juan de la Cierva contract


We are seeking candidates to apply for a Juan de la Cierva contract
Position is available in our research group at the Instituto de Neurociencias (UMH-CSIC) in Alicante.


Our research aims at understanding how sensory neurons detect different environmental signals and produce a coded message that eventually leads to a sensation. Our current focus is on the structure and function of K+, TRP and Piezo2 channels that act as molecular transducers of thermal and mechanical signals in peripheral nerve terminals.

The focus of our research is to identify:
• Role of K+ channels in the genesis of inflammatory and neuropathic pain
• Peripheral and central pain mechanisms in inflammatory and chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy
• Identification of ion channels as new targets for pain treatment and therapy development

We combine a broad range of experimental and analytical techniques that include in vivo and in vitro calcium imaging and electrophysiology, single cell transcriptomics, optogenetics and behavioral assays.

Some recent publications of our group:
Hernández-Ortego et al., (Int. Mol. Sci. 2022), Marcotti, Fernandez-Trillo et al., (Brain, 2022), Fernández-Trillo et al, (J Neuroscience, 2020), Arcas et al., (J Neuroscience, 2019), Caires et al., (Nature Communications 2015), Morenilla-Palao et al, (Cell Reports, 2014), Meseguer et al. (Nature Communications, 2014).

We are part of a leading Neuroscience Institute in Spain, with more than 300 scientists in over 34 research teams, recently distinguished for the third time with the Severo Ochoa Excellence Accreditation. The candidate will benefit from working in a highly dynamic, well-funded centre. Core facilities at the Institute are staffed by personnel with expertise in electronics, microscopy, functional imaging, cell sorting, behavior, microarray, next generation sequencing, transgenic and molecular biology techniques.



Candidates should hold PhD in Physical or Life Sciences. We seek a curious, highly motivated person interested in sensory transduction and pain research and with experience in one or more of the following techniques: electrophysiology, mechanobiology, optopharmacology, behavioural assays, or in vivo cellular imaging. Candidates for the position are expected to have a strong publication record and the potential to seek independent funding during the course of the project.



Applicants can send an e-mail to Félix Viana ( Ana Gomis ( or Elvira de la Peña ( with a CV including a list of publications and technical expertise, a description of research interests and two names of individuals willing to act as references for the candidate.

Deadline 31/01/2023


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