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Membrane Channels in Physiology and Pathology

Message from the Guest Editors

Ion channels are integral membrane proteins that play essential physiological roles. These specialized membrane proteins are responsible for the ions fluxes across the plasma membrane of all mammalian cells. Channels form functional oligomeric complexes by association with ancillary proteins, contributing to the cellular homeostasis and maintenance of health. Numerous cellular events control and are controlled by channel gating and kinetics.

Membrane channels, with different ion selectivity, regulate membrane potential and excitability, shape the action potential, and elicit muscle contraction, among other cellular processes. Due to their contribution to the pathophysiology of various human diseases, these proteins are targets of many drugs, from antiepileptics to analgesics.

This Special Issue will assemble a series of reviews and research articles updating the state of knowledge on membrane channels in health and diseases.

Guest Editors:
  1. Prof. Dr. Antonio Ferrer- Montiel
    IDiBE, Universitas Miguel Hernández, Edificio Torregaitán, 03202 Elche, Spain
  2. Prof. Dr. Antonio Felipe
    Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Institut de Biomedicina, Universitat de Barcelona. Avda. Diagonal 643. 08028 Barcelona, Spain
Deadline for manuscript submissions:

31 July 2022

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